Bootstrap This could have been a scam!

Discord Nitro scams

Discord has seen an incredible increase of hacked/compromised accounts lately! And you could have just contributed to it!

This page was made to increase awareness of those scams and to give you some pointers on how to spot them.

Since you're here, I ask you to at least spend 5 minutes reading the part about how to spot fakes as this will be useful to you not only for discord scams but also for future similar scams

Legit real gifts

This is how a real Discord nitro gift looks like, it was taken from the official discord help page. If the link shows ANYTHING different ignore it and report it to a mod

In addition, Discord nitro gifts and ANY other application that integrates into Discord DOES NOT require you to log in on a browser. Accepting the gift HAS to happen inside of the app itself, if it opens your browser double, triple, even quadruple check the link, it very likely contains a spelling error, letters swapped of places or substitutes lowercase L with uppercase i or similar tricks.

Discord nitro gifts come ALWAYS and ONLY from

Some ways to spot the Fake

  • Wrong domain

    Examples of fake domains:,,, ...

  • Text inside of the gift preview

    In a legit gift there's a line that says who is sending the gift that cites "USERNAME has gifted you Nitro for 1 month!"

    If this line is not present or it does not have the correct username of who sent it (often it just says Friend) then it's a scam

  • It asks for your password

    Discord Nitro gifts activate and function ALL within the app, and since you are already logged in, you DO NOT need to login again